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Stripe is the most comprehensive integration WP EasyCart offers with full payment processing AND extensive subscription/recurring payment integration. Stripe also provides full European Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliance as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay.

  • Stripe is offered in our Free edition with a 2% application fee + Stripe fees.
  • Stripe is offered in our Pro or Premium edition licenses and get 0% application fees + Stripe fees.


Video Guide – Stripe Payment Setup

Setup the popular Stripe payment system in EasyCart, including mobile wallet payments and advanced settings.
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Help Guide

Connecting Stripe in Free Edition

To connect Stripe in our Free edition only takes a few steps. You can enable it via our wizard while setting up, or you can enable it via our WP EasyCart -> Settings -> Payment panel.

Here we enable Stripe in our 5 step Wizard:

Here we Enable Stripe in EasyCart: Go to WP EasyCart -> Settings -> Payment panel. Simply use the sliders to connect to Stripe Live or Stripe Sandbox.

Once you enable Stripe, you will be asked to log into stripe and choose which account on Stripe to connect with… that’s it! You can connect to the sandbox or the live mode via our Settings -> Payment panel.

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Connecting Stripe in Pro & Premium

One-Click Connect

With WP EasyCart Professional & Premium licenses, you can connect to over 30+ different payment gateways.

Enable Stripe in EasyCart: WP EasyCart -> Settings -> Payments panel and you will see the following connector panel for Live Payments. You may connect with sandbox mode as well if you wish to enter Stripe testing mode.

Stripe will ask you to login, and pick which account to connect with, simply select your account and you are now connected.

Once connected, you should see the following screen. You can change currency and country for processing from this panel as well as enable/disable apple/google/microsoft pay.

Note to Sandbox Users: Once you are connected and see this screen, you may click the ‘Switch to Sandbox Mode’ if you want to test through stripe and use Stripe test cards.

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Disconnecting from old API Key Method

If you are an older user of EasyCart, you may wish to disconnect with the older API key method and reconnect with the newer ‘Connect’ method. To disconnect from the API key method, you should be using the following screen shot method, with your publish and secret API key copied and pasted into EasyCart. This is not necessary with the newer methods of connection, so you may delete those keys and save your options.

Once you remove your keys from this step, go ahead and choose ‘No Live Payment Processor’ from this section and it should save. Now you are fully disconnected from the older V1 methods and can use the above sliders to enable Stripe and login and connect.

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Adding your Webhook

A properly setup webhook with Stripe will allow their system to talk back to your EasyCart on subscriptions, refunds, and other order processes. Now more than ever it is critical to have a proper webhook setup with Stripe. You can find this webhook URL on your Settings -> Payment -> Stripe panel.

Example Webhook URL:

To Add Webhook on Stripe: Visit Stripe -> Developers -> Webhooks and you must +Add Endpoint. Here you can paste in your URL provided.

You must also setup which ‘Events’ to send. Here are the special events you must setup.

  • payment_intent.succeeded
  • payment_intent.payment_failed
  • invoice.payment_succeeded
  • invoice.payment_failed
  • invoice.payment_action_required
  • invoice.created
  • source.refund_attributes_required
  • source.failed
  • source.chargeable  (important if using iDeal payments)
  • source.canceled
  • customer.subscription.trial_will_end
  • customer.subscription.deleted
  • charge.refunded



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Enabling 3D Secure & SCA

With the latest Stripe API, you have the option to enable 3D secure and European Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) system for card approval. With this enabled, your payments will automatically detect and display the proper 2 part authentication needed during a payment.

To Enable 3D Secure on Stripe: Visit Stripe -> Settings -> Subscriptions and Emails (Stripe Apps Section) -> Manage payments that require 3D Secure

You will need to ??Enable?? the Customer Emails -> Send a Stripe-hosted link for cardholders to authenticate when required. This step is required in order to allow 3D secure to work with all areas of EasyCart and it??s subscription system with Stripe.

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Enabling Apple/Google/Microsoft Pay

With the latest Stripe API + EasyCart, you can offer Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay easily and effectively. These payment systems allow users to quickly one-click confirm and pay with their devices and stored information on those devices, whether it’s an iPhone or a Google Chrome browser.

To Enable Apple/Google/Microsoft Pay: WP EasyCart -> Settings -> Payments -> Stripe setup in EasyCart.

This is all that is required to enable Google Pay and Microsoft Pay, however, Apple Pay required more special verification for you to enable. This extra step requires you upload a verification file to your server and verify it on Stripe.

To Enable Apple Pay on Stripe: Visit Stripe -> Settings -> Apple Pay (in Business Settings area) -> then + Add New Domain

Stripe has made it a fairly painless 3 step process, simply enter your domain, download their verification file, then upload it via FTP to their location. You MUST upload the file before you click the blue ‘Add’ button 🙂

Special Note: This requires you have access to your file system. Most hosts allow you a cpanel or FTP access to upload and create folders. you MUST create a new folder called /.well-known/ and put this verification file inside that folder as the URL states, or it will not find it.

Once you add the verification file to your website, you may click ‘Add’ and it will verify.

Once you have verified and enabled Apple Pay through Stripe and EasyCart, users are greeted with extra checkout buttons IF they come from select devices. In this example, you can see an extra purple ‘Pay Now’ button for my chrome browser. Users on Apple devices with Apple Pay will be able to see their specific button and checkout becomes a one-click process!

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Testing Payments

Stripe makes it easy to switch between testing mode and live mode, but there are important things to keep in mind. If you build customers, products, subscriptions, and other data in test mode, you may need to also make sure to build them in live mode. For the most part, testing is fairly seamless, switch EasyCart to Sandbox mode and use Stripe test cards to see it in action. Switch it back to live mode and it will all go live. Stripe also provides an easy switch on their interface to see live and test mode data and transactions.

To Enable EasyCart Sandbox Mode for Stripe: Go to WP EasyCart -> Settings -> Payments and make sure to ‘Switch to Sandbox Mode’

To See Test Data on Stripe: Visit Stripe and move the slider to ‘Viewing Test Data’

Stripe provides test cards Here: which you can easily read through, or use the following cards for easy reference in test mode.

Test VISA Card: 4242 4242 4242 4242 (Any expiration date in the future and any CVC #)
Test SCA Card: 4000 0000 0000 3220 (Any expiration date in the future and any CVC #) You should receive extra authentication window with this card while testing.

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