Deconetwork Options

EasyCart offers a Deconetwork integration that allows product customization while retaining your shopping cart on your website. The Deconetwork offers a great way to offer t-shirt, mug, and other customizable products through their very specific product customization process, while displaying your products and using your own website and shopping cart to sell and make the purchases. To learn more about the Deconetwork, check out their website by Clicking Here.

Editing Deconetwork Options

Specify this product is a Deconetwork product by checking the box, then complete the product connection information below.

  • Deconetwork mode – Select which mode your product is set for, such as Designer Mode.
  • Product ID – Enter the Deconetwork product ID for a connection.
  • Product Size ID – Enter the Deconetwork size ID.
  • Product Color ID – Enter the Deconetwork color ID.
  • Deconetwork Design ID – Enter the Deconetwork design ID.

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