User Roles allow you to designate an account with a specific role in your site. For example, Administrators or shoppers are default roles, and all new accounts from users and customers will be assigned to the shopper role. You may wish to create a new user role and then you can create custom pricing on your store for users logged in with this role. For example, a ‘wholesale’ role would allow you to setup at the product unique pricing just for users who login with the ‘wholesale’ account.

Editing User Roles

Simple edit a user role and give it a unique name to identify it with. You may choose whether or not this user role has access to your administrative area here in EasyCart. This is useful if you want to setup some of our external apps for tablets, phones, and other devices.

Note: Allowing remote admin access is used with our external apps for desktops and tablets. In our Desktop app, you may create a new user account here and only give them access to orders or products or marketing panels for limited access.

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