Downloadable products allow you to sell goods and the customer has access to down these products once they make a purchase. Popular downloads include music, e-books, instructions, videos, and zip files. We always encourage customers to sell compressed .zip files as their download because it not only makes your file smaller for download, but it also packages multiple files, single files, and various formatted files all into one neat package.


Video Guide – Creating a Digital Download Product

Digital Downloads are a popular and easy way for you to sell online with EasyCart. We make it easy to sell downloadable goods with our streamlined eCommerce shopping cart plugin.
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Editing Download Options

You select whether this product is downloadable or not by selecting ‘Download Product’.

  • Download Location – Depending on your file size and how you wish to distribute your files, you may use your own server or you may host your download via Amazon S3 storage servers. Amazon is a great choice if you have large download files or your host may even have bandwidth limitations on your server. For small downloads, you might want to simply distribute from your own server for simplicity. Learn more about Amazon S3 setup by Clicking Here.
  • File Choice – Choose your file from the list if using Amazon S3. You must have your Amazon S3 account setup and tied into EasyCart. Learn more by Clicking Here on how to setup Amazon S3 in EasyCart. If using your own server, you can upload a file.
  • Maximum Downloads – You may want to limit the users total downloads by setting a maximum. This will prevent some download abuse from occurring. Default: 0 (zero) means it is downloadable an infinite number of times.
  • Download Expiration – You can establish a download expiration that may prevent some download abuse. This download time limit is set per second, (86400 seconds = 24 hours) Default: 0 (zero) means there is no expiration time on the download time limit.

Note: After a sale, you can manage downloads by using the download manager. This allows you to reset a customer’s download count or starting download date should you need to. Learn more about the download manager by clicking here.

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