Subscriptions in EasyCart are only available if you choose the ‘Stripe’ payment method. Users who purchase subscription products will have a recurring charge appear. Management becomes important factors when dealing with subscribers. For this reason, we offer you a management area to update a few features on your subscription. You can view past orders tied to the subscription, you may also cancel a subscription for a user should you need to.

Customers may also manage their subscription from the front end using their account. They may view a past subscription, manage it and cancel the subscription should they want to… and even update their card on file. Only customers can update their card on file as it should never be accessible by a store owner or staff.


Video Guide – Creating a Subscription or Recurring Payment Product

Sell subscriptions on your website with recurring payments using EasyCart’s state of the art ecommerce system. Watch as we create and manage subscriptions in this video tutorial.
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Editing Subscriptions

For the most part, the subscription manager only allows you to view the details of a particular subscription. With stripe, all of the subscription data is kept on their server, along with customer payment information, insuring your website is safe and secure by not storing this critical information.

You are able to see the subscription terms, payment periods, and payment dates on this screen. You can also choose to cancel a stripe subscription here and it will communicate back to stripe and cancel further payments. IF you choose to cancel the subscription at stripe instead of through this interface, it will also communicate to your EasyCart and show as cancelled.

Customers can also manage their subscription by logging into their frontend account. Customers can cancel a membership, or even update their credit card information with stripe right through their own account, making EasyCart subscriptions fairly hassle free.

You may also clicked ‘View on Stripe’ at the top and it will take you to stripe to review on their system.

Special Note: Subscriptions are not editable because you are not allowed to change pricing, options, or data to them once created as this creates a different product and customers may not have agreed to upon purchase. Therefore, to adjust a subscription, usually the customer needs to cancel an existing subscription, and sign up for the new one with the changes made.

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