EasyCart offers an easy way to collect subscriber information from users. When an account is created, users are given the option to subscribe to your newsletter. You can also offer a popup newsletter signup window via our settings, or you can turn the entire system off via our settings. Collecting subscribers only captures the users name and in some cases, their email address. This information can be imported into any number of email newsletter campaign systems such as MailChimp, Mailster, or others.

Editing a Subscriber

Subscribers email and first/last name are collected.

Exporting Subscribers

Often times it is valuable to export your subscribers and import into a third party tool such as Constant Contact, MailChimp and other professional email campaign tracking software systems. We offer an easy way to export the users accounts to a CSV file. Simple select all and export, or you can select individually the users and export certain ones.

Special Note: If you install Mailster plugin into your WordPress, subscribers will automatically go into the Mailster system with no further action needed. If intereseted in learning more about Mailster Newsletter sending, we recommend you Click Here.

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