Google Analytics Setup

Enter your Analytics ID in this location will enable eCommerce transactions to be sent to google analytics for analysis. Please note that this does not enable google analytics page statistics on every page in your website.

Note: You should download one of the many free plugins or place in your theme the page settings code for google analytics.

What this section does is enable transactional data be sent, which is of great importance when included in your google analytics data. You can learn what products sell most, where the customers come from, what they view, etc.

Sample Google Analytics Reports

This report shows the acquisitions of users coming to your site, their behavior, and with ecommerce data enabled, you can see the conversion rates of each acquisition path.

This report is an example of customers behavior on your website. You can look at each page and determine the value that it brings to your website by looking at the Page Value column. This tracks visitors who view the page and those who actually purchase.

Google analytics also provides conversion data for products. Here we see what your top selling products are along with avg Price, avg Quantity, and total sold of each item over a given time period.

This report will show you order numbers of and totals for a given time period. Useful sales performance data is found in nearly all analytic categories of Google so you can see how helpful various areas and aspects of your website are performing. The data also lets you perform useful marketing tools and which referral areas you should target more or less.

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