Subscription Plans

Subscription plans in EasyCart are simply groups of subscriptions that you allow the customer to upgrade/downgrade to. A good example of subscription plans is web hosting. For example, you offer a bronze, silver, and gold hosting plan. The user might sign up for bronze, but you can offer them the ability at a later time through their account to simply upgrade to the silver or gold plan.


Video Guide – Creating a Subscription or Recurring Payment Product

Sell subscriptions on your website with recurring payments using EasyCart’s state of the art ecommerce system. Watch as we create and manage subscriptions in this video tutorial.
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Editing Subscription Plans

You simply enter a name for this plan and whether or not you want to allow upgrading/downgrading within this plan. When you create a new subscription product, such as bronze, silver, or gold, you can select which plan to attach that subscription to.

Note: These subscription plans are constructed and utilized when you are using the stripe payment processor. Not all payment provider gateways allow subscriptions, and EasyCart is built with a strong integration into the stripe payment system for subscription needs.

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