Stripe Bank Debit Payments

Stripe Bank Debit Payments

With bank debits, you can pull funds directly from your customer’s bank account for both one-time and recurring purchases. Bank debits are often used by:

  • Businesses collecting recurring payments from other businesses.
  • Retail and services businesses that want a low-cost alternative to cards for large consumer payments, like rent or tuition.

Bank debits might not be a good fit for your business if:

  • You deliver goods immediately after checkout because payment confirmation takes 3-7 days.
  • Your business is sensitive to disputes—consider other payment methods because some bank debit methods favor the customer during disputes.

Special Note:  It is important to know that these special payment options are heavily dependent on the country your stripe account is established as well as the customer and currencies involved. They will only show as options if the shopping cart also meets certain specifications, a good example is Affirm only working on $50-$30,000 dollar orders.

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Enabling BECS Direct Debit

With the latest Stripe API + EasyCart, you can offer BECS easily and effectively.

Special Considerations:

Be sure you meet the following criteria with country and currency restrictions and also any other special cases using this gateway below.

  • Available Countries: Australia
  • Available Currencies:  AUD
  • Customers Required Location: AUD

To Enable BECS on WP EasyCart: WP EasyCart -> Settings -> Payments -> Stripe setup in EasyCart.

This is all that is required to enable BECS in the EasyCart Checkout process.  Next, you will enable BECS over in your Stripe account.

To Enable BECS on Stripe: Visit Stripe -> Settings -> Payment Methods -> BECS .  Here you can enable the payment system within your Stripe account.


Now when customers go to checkout, they are given the choice to use Stripe for credit card processing, or you will also see the BECS option if the order and parameters meet the requirements.

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