Every product must have an initial price set in the basic settings of a product. These pricing options allow you to extend this area of your product with several options.

Editing Pricing Options

Previous price allows the display of a crossed out price next to the current price. $149.99 but now a product is $129.99 is a common marketing tactic.

Login for Pricing will remove the add to cart button and allow you to send users to the account page in order to login before they can see pricing. It will also give you customization options such as Restrict to User Roles and allow only specific users in and to also customize the login button label for this section.

Customize Price Range Display (e.g. $90-$99) – You can setup a custom price range for your product to display instead of the lowest available price. This makes a great option for anyone using option sets that may alter the price of the product and give customers a broader sense of what the product might cost.

Volume pricing allows you to set tiered pricing for the product. For example, if a user purchases 1 item, it costs $20 dollars. If they purchase 5 or more, they get the price for $18 dollars. If they purchase 10 or more, they get the price for $15 dollars, etc.

Business to Business (B2B) pricing allows you to setup different pricing for different user groups. First, you setup a user role such as wholesaler or business X. Learn more by clicking here about User Roles. Once you setup a User Role, you can visit this location and give this special user group a different pricing. Now, when a user in that User Role logs into EasyCart and shops, they will be given this special pricing IF it exists. If a product does not offer User Role pricing, they are given the normal list pricing of the product.

Video Guide – B2B & Wholesale Setup

In this video we walk you through how to establish user roles, attach accounts to user roles, and then setup special B2B pricing for your customers. We also show you how to organize products into groups for those special stores.
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