Categories are the best way to group products together. You can add as many products as you like to a category and you can have as many categories as you like. You can display categories on your main wordpress menu, sidebars, or link to them anywhere from your website. They are very simple and yet very powerful way to keep your store organized and products in various groupings.


Video Guide – Creating Product Categories

Organize your products into segments and categories easily in EasyCart. Add categories to your menus, banners, imagery, and other areas of your eCommerce shopping cart.
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Editing Categories

The first step is to create a category and give it a name. Featured categories would appear above your store IF you have the ‘show featured categories’ setting turned on within the product settings area. Parent categories can be used to organize your categories into various subcategories, although another method of organizing the categories is usually done through the menu system, simply creating children under one another for display purposes. We also offer priority settings so you can setup which categories are more important than others. A category with priority 1 will show ahead of a category with priority 5, so use this feature to order your categories for use in various shortcode displays.

For example, creating a main group of products called ‘Clothing’, then another category for ‘Women’s Clothing’, then another category for ‘Women’s Tops’ and so on and so forth. Then you can display those on your menus, sidebars, etc. however you wish showing the hierarchical structure.

Note: Learn how to add these categories to your menu system by Clicking Here. Learn how to add shortcode for these categories by Clicking Here.

Editing Products in Categories

Once you create a new category, you can edit the products under that category by clicking on the edit category products button.

Notice in this section we are editing products under the ‘Specials’ category. you can choose to add new products or to delete products that exist under this category.

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