SEO options allow you to customize the keywords and description meta information for a product.


Video Guide – Better SEO Customization

Learn how to utilize better SEO practices with your EasyCart and wordpress system.  Yoast also allows you to add more SEO control over your specific products when installed.
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Editing SEO Options

  • SEO Description – This is a two sentence write-up that should be focused on your product and is often used by search engines as the small descriptive text under a search listing.
  • SEO Keywords – This is a good way to specify keywords for this product and your business. It should be precise and fit the context and keywords found in your short descriptions, descriptions, specifications, and other text on this product page. Simply enter keywords by a comma.
  • Post Excerpt – Useful for when you work with third party SEO tools that will utilize a custom post excerpt for their optimization practices.  This excerpt may not be visible, depends on your theme, but could be useful for proper SEO optimization.
  • Post Featured Image – This is useful if tools scrape or index your product and you wish to have a featured image show.  Note that some themes will display this post featured image in a variety of ways above  your product, so do check your site if this is a good fit or not.


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