Facebook Options will be included should you be a Premium EasyCart license holder and install the ‘Facebook & Instagram Feed’ extension into wordpress. We have more instructions on installing and setting up the Facebook & Instagram extension by Clicking Here.

The extension allows you to sell on Facebook & Instagram by pulling all your products into their Catalog system to produce scrolling ads and send users and visitors to your website for purchases.


Video Guide – Facebook & Instagram – Video 1 of 4

In this video we show you how to establish a Facebook pixel so you can begin tracking page visits and also ecommerce data, a great first step before using our Facebook & Instagram Feed Extension.
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Editing Facebook Options

After installing the extension, every product will have this Facebook Options panel attached, allowing full customization of your feed data.

  • Facebook ID – Your product SKU is auto populated and used to just identify your product.
  • Facebook Product Title – Your product title.
  • Facebook Product Description – This could be your short description or main product description by default. If you want to customize this, you can edit in this section.
  • Facebook Product Condition – Your product is considered in ‘New’ condition unless you specify otherwise.
  • Facebook Currency – This will be your default currency you wish to display on your Facebook ads.
  • Facebook Product Link – This link allows users to click the ‘Shop Now’ icon and visit this product to purchase on your site.
  • Facebook Product Image – By default, the feed will use the same image you have for image 1, however, Facebook & Instagram recommend a square 600px x 600px image for the best results, otherwise, unwanted cropping may occur. If you already have square images for your products, then you do not need to edit this, however, you can provide custom cropped graphics here for each product.
  • Facebook Product Manager – This is by default the same manufacturer as your product is assigned.

Optional Facebook Options

By adding Facebook optional figures here, you will get more targeted marketing based on users and events. We highly recommend choosing an age group, gender and entering a Google Product Category.

  • Facebook Age Group – What target age group are your products intended for.
  • Facebook Item Color – What is the color of your product and it’s intended use.
  • Facebook Gender – What is the target gender your products are intended for.
  • Facebook Google Product Category – This is a numeric value that is provided according to the Google product feed specifications. Click here to get the latest product category list from Google and enter your code as a number value here.

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