Download Management

Downloads are special EasyCart products that allow customers to purchase and then download their product. For example, music files, audio books, PDF documents, or anything in a compressed zip file can be offered as a download. Downloads are accessed from the customers account after purchase, and several aspects can be controlled such as how long the user has to download, or how many maximum times the product can be downloaded.

Video Guide – Creating a Digital Download Product

Digital Downloads are a popular and easy way for you to sell online with EasyCart. We make it easy to sell downloadable goods with our streamlined eCommerce shopping cart plugin.
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Editing Downloads

Unique Download ID: The ID that will stick unique to the download and this particular order. This field is not editable.

Date Created: This is typically the order date in which the download is created. You can adjust this date if you offer a maximum time limit and the customer needs more time to download. For example, offering a download available for 5 days after purchase sometimes requires you to extend this for a customer. Simply change the date created to unlock that feature.

Download Count: Each time the user opens their account on the frontend of EasyCart and downloads a product, it will be counted. You may limit downloads to say 3 attempts, after which it will not allow anymore for security. IF a user needs more attempts, simply reset the counter back to 0 or an acceptable number and it will unlock that feature.

Attached Product: You can adjust what product is attached to this download from the initial purchase.

Is Amazon Download: You can choose to distribute your downloads from your own server, or via Amazon S3 storage servers. Check this box if you are serving your downloads via Amazon.

Download File Name: Depending on which system you choose (Your Server or Amazon S3) you can see and select the files from that location. On Amazon S3 servers, you must have this setup in our ‘Third Party’ settings section and proper permissions setup to view the system. IF you setup downloads on your server, the system will automatically have a list of product downloads here in this location.

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