MailerLite Setup

Looking to easily add email campaigns to your EasyCart?  MailerLite is a clean and easy to use service that provides just this for your subscribers.  To utilize the email subscriber system with EasyCart, just follow these quick and easy steps.


Video Guide – MailerLite

We walk you through the quick setup of getting your EasyCart + MailerLite Connected with this simple video.
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  1.  Be sure to enable subscribers sign-up in EasyCart.  Go to settings -> Accounts and turn the ‘Subscribe to Newsletter‘ ON.  This will give users a chance during the checkout process to check the box to opt-in to newsletters and email campaigns.  It will also activate the subscribe box during account creation in the account area of your website.
    1. You can also utilize MailerLite tools and even WordPress plugins to subscribe users via popups or other methods on your WordPress.  EasyCart mainly focuses on the subscribe during a checkout process, but it can all be combined for a complete solution.
  2. Now you can visit and acquire an account.  Once you sign-in to MailerLite, you must go to the Integrations -> API section and click ‘Use‘.


3.  You can created a new API key and token by simply giving it a new name and copying/pasting the token into the EasyCart Settings -> Third Party -> Mailer Lite section.  Now you are connected and subscribers will go from your checkout process into MailerLite automatically.

4.  Subscribers will begin appearing in your Subscribers section of MailerLite, ready to make campaigns and start sending.  We will refer you to their services for more specifics on what they can offer and do within their own software.

5. Using the Groups feature: You may create a group or groups and assign them to a product. First, go to MailLite -> Subscribers -> Groups and create any groups you wish to assign a subscriber to when they purchase a product. Next, edit the product(s) that you wish to assign this group and expand the basic settings tab and add the group name you just created to the MailerLite Groups box. Now when a customer purchases a product with a MailerLite Group set, it will assign them (if a subscriber) to the group. This feature should allow you to retarget customers that buy specific items.

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