Troubleshooting 404 Errors in Your Cart

This is an unfortunate part of WordPress and custom post types, but there are a few tips and tricks that can go a long ways to fixing these problems.

  1. Slug Format – There is a lot that can go wrong here and although we try to prevent invalid entries, it does happen. Be sure your link slug uses only letters, numbers, and dashes. This is important for SEO, be sure to use things like title-of-widget or company-shoe-brand that match your product title best.
  2. WordPress Permalinks Page – The first thing to do is go to your WordPress Admin -> Settings -> Permalinks and just let the page load. This will refresh your internal linking for your site and often times will fix broken links that could be caused from other plugins, themes, or other random issues.
  3. WP EasyCart Rebuild Links – We offer a way to reset and rebuild your permalinks. This is great in cases where something really went wrong and the links are no longer valid OR they were never even created. This is in the WP EasyCart -> Store Status page, click ‘reset permalinks’ to get started. What this does is deletes ALL custom posts created internally by the cart and then recreates and relinks them internally for you. If you get a white screen or timeout, just click back in your browser and click the other link, ‘rebuild permalinks’. This will start up the process where it left off. Repeat until you see the screen come back to your site, meaning the process completed.

  1. Folder Conflicts – Make sure you do not have a folder at your store, cart, or account pages. For example, if your site is, but you can’t get to your store, it is likely that you actually have a folder on your server at that location, which takes precedence over the virtual links WordPress builds for your pages. If this is the case either delete the folder or change the slug for the page with issues.
  2. .htaccess Issues – Sometimes your .htaccess is not writable or some other conflicts happen. It is unlikely to effect the store only though, but is one place to look and make sure its working properly.
  3. Yoast SEO – We have noticed that Yoast SEO is a great plugin, but it really tries to control post slugs and linking. You may not even be able to run the WP EasyCart rebuild or reset permalinks processes successfully with yoast activated. If you still have trouble, make sure you deactivate Yoast SEO completely, then see if you can run the above processes, particularly the Store Status -> Reset Permalinks, Rebuild Permalinks processes. Test, and then re-activate Yoast.

If none of these issues help, just contact us directly from your account or our contact page!

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