Element: WP EasyCart Add to Cart

Add to Cart Element

This small Elementor component allows you to easily drag out an ‘Add to Cart’ button to any page and will connect to your easycart product for easy custom designs.  The add to cart button also includes important aspects such as quantity, price, as well as option sets if your product relies on these for modifications.

Missing +/- Icons in Add to Cart Group?
This can be fixed by going to your WordPress Admin, Elementor -> Settings -> Advanced, then set “Load Font Awesome Support” to “Yes”. This does not always happen, but depending on your overall setup may be required.

Element Lets You:

  • Drag and Drop add to cart module for any Elementor page.
  • Build  your own personal product design and content around the add to cart.
  • Option sets, Quantity selector, and pricing are all included with the element.
  • Quickly select a product for the button.
  • Show or hide quantity display or customize the button width
  • Customize font color and button colors to match your site.


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