Divi Sidebar Troubleshooting Issues

If you have a website that normally doesn’t show the sidebar and you use the Divi theme, you will need to take a few steps to have your store match your normal pages. Follow these steps:

  1. WP EasyCart -> Settings -> Design, Enable “Use Theme Custom Post Template”
  2. WP EasyCart -> Settings -> Design, Custom CSS Box, add the following:.ec_store-template-default #left-area{ width:100% !important; padding-right:0px !important; }
    .ec_store-template-default #sidebar{ display:none !important; }
    .ec_store-template-default #main-content > .container:before{ display:none !important; }
  3. Clear any caches that you may have enabled. You will also need to edit your main store page manually and use the divi builder to get your settings the way you want them.

If you still have problems, contact support@wpeasycart.com.

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