Element: WP EasyCart Products

WP EasyCart Products Element

The WP EasyCart Products element allows you to add a product grid or product slider to your page.  There are extensive options here to allow you to show how many columns, how many per page, and more.  Use the product selector, product layout, and product type panels to adjust all settings for this large and configurable element.

Products Element Lets you:

  • Add product grids & sliders to a page
  • Add titles & descriptions
  • Select specific products, categories or brands to add to the display
  • Adjust product count and sort orders of your products
  • Use Grid or Slider layout modes to enhance visually depending on usage.
  • Customize column counts, product image corners, borders and more.
  • Choose from 6 different product display types created by EasyCart.
  • Align text and elements in your display as well as visible items such as titles, prices, descriptions and more