How to Use WordPress Product Widgets

WP EasyCart provides a lot of widgets to help integrate the shopping system into your website. Search widgets, Newsletter sign-up widgets, product filtering widgets, and more allow you to customize what you want to have running on your website.

Note: Widgets can be applied to different areas of your website based on your ‘theme’. Most themes place widgets into sidebars, but some themes may not offer sidebars. Other well developed themes allow widget areas to be added to pages, headers, footers, and any area you can think of. IF you have trouble finding out where to add widgets, contact your theme developer!

Where to Find Widgets?

To access our widgets, simply visit the WordPress Administration console and then go to Appearance’ and then ‘Widgets’.

Product Menu and Category Widgets

We offer several category or menu widgets to use. To use our menu widget, you must develop your menu structure in EasyCart -> Products -> Menus. To use our Category widget, you must develop your category structure in EasyCart -> Products -> Categories. When you are deciding whether to use Menus or Categories to group your products, we highly recommend categories. IF you find that none of our menu widgets work well in your theme, we typically like to simply use WordPress -> Appearances -> Menus to create our own custom menu structure rather than relying on our widget… but they are available to explore.

Product Filtering Widgets

These widgets are great because they allow customers to filter products based on price, manufacturer, or category. These complex filters are usually only found on high end eCommerce applications, but standard here in EasyCart. Apply only one of the, two of them, or all three by simply dragging these widgets into your sidebar widget area in WordPress.

Product Search Widget

Because customers sometimes want to search your products by name or manufacturer, they can do so if you drag and drop the search widget into the sidebar or widget area.

Newsletter Sign-up Widget

Now customers can get latest news and events from you if they simply enter their email address into the widget. This information is collected along with customers who create accounts and sign-up for news in an easy to find location in the EasyCart admin console. Now you can send email blasts or export newsletter users to a third party email blast program quickly and easily.

Product Specials and Single Item display widgets

EasyCart provides several great marketing widgets that allow you to display various items throughout your store and website. Our multiple product display widget allows you to display several items in one easy widget, such as store specials or featured items. You can also display single items that may be important using the single product widget display. Both have their benefits and are a great widget to display and market important items around your website.

Mini Cart Widget

The mini cart widget is great for sidebars or top menus where you want the customer to open and see quickly what they have in the shopping cart. It works in most themes and gives quick access to all the items in the cart, as well as a link to go checkout quickly. The mini-cart widget will open when rolled over.

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