Optimal Logistics Extension

Download and Installing an EasyCart Extension

First, you must install all EasyCart extensions as new plugins. This is a very easy task with WordPress and we have a short guide here to get you started. Click Here to learn how to install a WordPress plugin and EasyCart Premium extensions.


To begin using Optimalship:

  1. Enter your export/import number in the setup box.
  2. Enter your country code (2 digit, e.g. US).
  3. Enter other optional options if you need it.
  4. You must be using Live Shipping Rates in the admin setup (WP EasyCart -> Settings-> Shipping Rates and select live shipping rates).
  5. You must also set up another form of live rates for domestic shipping (Optimalship is for international shipping only).

NOTE: Insurance can be setup as a minimum amount and a percentage of the merchandise sold. If the percentage is set to .01 (1%) and you sell $250 worth of merchandise, this will not exceed the minimum and instead will use $3.00 as the insurance amount. If you sell $450 worth of merchandise, this same setup will be $4.50 for insurance. Change these values in the setup as needed (this added in version 1.0.1).

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