System Requirements

Single WordPress Site

The WP EasyCart system requirements are mostly recommendations as nearly all modern hosting platforms and themes are compatible with the WP EasyCart.

Please note, the WP EasyCart is designed for a single WordPress installation. EasyCart is NOT compatible with MultiSite, often referred to as MU or MS. If you have a WordPress MU site, you will need to revert to a single WordPress installation before installing. does not allow individual plugins to be installed, so you will not be able to use WP EasyCart on You will need to have your own WordPress hosted solution.

PHP & PHP Settings

We have tested our software on PHP 5.6 and greater, but there are hundreds of configurations available on hosts that can cause any number of issues with all shopping platforms. We recommend testing.

The following settings may be required to allow certain features to operate smoothly in EasyCart and WordPress. While not always required, they are recommended settings if you have access to configure them.

PHP 5.6 or greater. PHP 7+ is preferred and works good, some bleeding edge PHP versions may not be tested.
PHP Max File Upload Size: Recommended 10M or greater for images and uploads
PHP Post Max Size: Recommended 10M or greater for images and uploads
PHP Memory Limit: Recommended 128M or greater for WordPress with plugins.
PHP Max Execution Time: Recommend 300 or greater.

MySQL & MariaDB

MySQL version 5.0 or later (We recommend the most current stable release). MariaDB works great and we are unaware of any reasonable limitations with using MariaDB. Most hosting environments have this taken care of and is nothing to worry about.

Hosting & Recommended Hosting Environments

Most hosting environment web servers are capable of running the WP EasyCart plugin. Apache, Nginx, and IIS being the most popular, and every configuration being different, most of the configuration requirements fall within the PHP settings. If possible, we recommend Linux with Apache or Nginx, however a Windows environment should work as well.

We have tested our system on many hosting environments but have best luck installing and configuring our plugin hosted on BlueHost or WP Engine. The default shared hosting plans tend to be configured completely and have the least issues regarding PHP setting changes, with default configurations working almost all the time.

WP Engine Note: We recommend this company hosting, but please contact them and have the /store, /cart, /account pages disabled for server caching.

Godaddy Note: This hosting company varies greatly from server to server, we recommend Bluehost or WP Engine, however, be sure to read this article on caching issues with Godaddy.

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