Moving EasyCart to New Website

Moving EasyCart to New Website

Many customers want to move EasyCart from one website to another, but this can often mean different things to different people. Do you move just EasyCart? Do you move your entire WordPress, theme, plugins, and EasyCart? Do you want to just move your license?

Transferring a License

This is the easiest method to move EasyCart around. You simply install a new EasyCart installation onto your new website. Maybe you export and import products into the new site, but of course all your settings would not be there. To transfer a license however is very easy, just enter your license key from purchase into the new site and it will automatically activate the new site and deactivate the old site. You can lookup any license keys anytime by going to -> easycart account and viewing past orders and license information.


Moving your Entire WordPress to a New Site

If you plan to setup a testing server and build a website with EasyCart, but then wish to transfer everything to a new site, there are some important steps to consider. You will need the entire database and you will need the entire file system for your website.

  1. If you use hosting with a cpanel or web access they usually provide PHPMYADMIN which is a great database program that allows you to export the entire database in one or two clicks. Be sure to grab the entire database with wordpress AND EasyCart tables.
  2. You can usually use FTP or your cpanel to grab the entire file system to copy to your new host.
  3. Once you have the full database moved over and files moved over, you can edit the wp-config.php file for wordpress and update with new database connection settings such as username, password, url, etc.
  4. The last step is usually opening up the new database with PHPMYADMIN and editing the wp-options table. There are typically 2 fields for the site url and general url that need to be updated since you have a new domain location for wordpress.

Now you can typically fire it up and it should work on your new site. These steps are not specific to EasyCart, these are just steps we follow to move any wordpress website.

Note: We recommend you never use the one-click wordpress plugin backup and restore type systems. They seem to never fully grab ALL of the database tables and omit any custom tables plugins may create, such as EasyCart tables. Using PHPMYADMIN is the best way to grab the entire database!


Moving just EasyCart to a new website

This is not really encouraged as it is best to simply install a new version of EasyCart into a new website. You can force it by copying database tables over, plugin folders over, and wp-option fields over, but it is much more time consuming process to try and extract a single plugin and move all of it’s data to a new website. We highly recommend you either install a fresh copy of easycart and possibly export/import products OR you copy an entire website over rather than try and parts and piece a single plugin entity over.


Checking your Installation/Move

It is always a good idea to go to the WP EasyCart -> Store Status page and check the errors, if any. It will often tell you if you are missing database tables, PHP extensions, or other setup information as a quick guide to troubleshoot.

If you are certain you moved everything over correctly and have all your database tables, you can contact our support team and we can assist in finding if you have other issues during a move. We find that 90% of the time, the above procedures work good in moving a site over, but if you run into hurdles, we can assist in getting you pointed in the right direction.


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